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Understanding Your Hair Loss

Alopecia refers to excessive hair loss from the head or anywhere on the body, and there are several conditions that can cause this to happen.

If you’re experiencing unusual hair loss, contact Dr. Lina Naga and Dr. Terrence Keaney of SkinDC in Washington DC, for an appointment to diagnose possible causes behind your condition.

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Alopecia Treatment

What to expect

There are several treatments for the different forms of hair loss.

Some conditions are more easily treatable than others, and results depend largely on underlying diagnosis. Alopecia areata treatments target the immune system to disrupt its attack on the hair follicles. Male or female pattern alopecia need not be treated if the patient is comfortable with their appearance.

If treatment is desired, medications such as minoxidil and finasteride can slow hair loss and, in some cases, encourage regrowth. These drugs may work well with telogen effluvium, though it may also reverse itself naturally.

Anagen effluvium due to chemotherapy reverses, sometimes within a month of the end of treatment. If hair loss is permanent, hair transplantation is an option.


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