What is a Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Cabin’s goal is to help each of his rhinoplasty patients achieve a natural-looking nose, i.e. a nose that matches his or her face. A natural-looking nose looks proportional to the cheeks, chin and other facial features. It also ensures the eyes – not the nose – serve as the focal point of a person’s face.

Rhinoplasty surgery simultaneously improves a person’s nasal proportions and overall facial appearance. It helps a person correct nasal defects like a bump on the bridge of the nose or a bulbous nasal tip.

A nose job:

  • Brings balance to the face.
  • Allows a person to reshape or resize his or her nose.
  • Ensures the nose complements all other facial features.

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Schedule My Consultation With Dr. Cabin

What to Expect at Your Rhinoplasty Consultation:

To help a patient achieve a natural-looking nose, Dr. Cabin requests a consultation before rhinoplasty surgery.

At this time, Dr. Cabin will:

  • Evaluate the patient.
  • Learn about their rhinoplasty goals.
  • Offer a treatment recommendation.


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