AviClear: A Breakthrough in Acne Treatment

February 29, 2024

SkinDC is proud to provide AviClear, a breakthrough in acne treatment, to our patients in Arlington, Virginia and the surrounding DMV areas! This groundbreaking technology offers hope to people struggling with acne by creating a light at the end of the tunnel (pun intended, because it’s a laser acne treatment!). To help spread the word, we’ve created this AviClear guide, where we’ll give you the 411 on this incredible, life-changing procedure.

What Exactly Is AviClear?

AviClear is a pioneering advancement in acne treatment, marking its place as the first and only FDA-cleared laser solution specifically designed to combat acne. This innovative product harnesses the power of advanced laser therapy to precisely target and significantly reduce the skin’s oil production, directly addressing the root cause of acne for all skin and acne types, including light or dark skin, mild or severe acne, hormonal acne, cystic acne, inflammatory acne, and anything in between).

Imagine being able to stop using all or almost all of your prescribed dermatology medications. AviClear can help you eliminate the need for various skin care products. Instead of juggling daily creams, pills, or other treatments that your skin can grow reliant on, this laser gets down to the nitty-gritty, dialing down oil production to keep breakouts at bay. And guess what? The procedure is so quick that you’ll be able to jump right back into your day. 

Whether you’ve been struggling with acne for a while or just looking for a way to clear things up without much fuss, AviClear could be your ticket.

How Does It Work?

Like the heal tool in Photoshop, AviClear is all about zapping away the problem right at its oily source. How? Well, our skin has these tiny factories called sebaceous glands that produce oil (sebum) all over the body. Though sebum might get a bad rep for making our skin oily or being mistaken for blackheads, it is actually essential for our skin. Sebum is necessary to keep our skin hydrated, but too much can clog pores and lead to acne—and not just on your face. That’s where the AviClear laser steps in with its one-of-a-kind treatment for acne.

AviClear’s laser targets those oil-producing glands, turning down the oil dial without harming the surrounding skin. It’s like when your parents wouldn’t let you have the sweets you wanted; sure, it was delicious and a welcomed break from vegetables, but overindulging would make you sick. You want your skin to produce sebum, but you don’t want too much because it will make your skin “sick” with acne. 

The best part of AviClear is its efficiency—most patients only need three monthly sessions, each lasting for just 30 minutes! 90% of patients saw an improvement in their acne in just six months, and 92% said goodbye to at least half of their acne just 12 months after their final treatment.

AviClear: A Breakthrough in Acne Treatment

AviClear FAQs

At SkinDC, we could talk about AviClear all day; we think it’s so cool! So, even though we’ve just given you the gist of AviClear, we’re going to briefly answer some frequently asked questions we get about this acne treatment to help you understand how awesome it truly is.

Who is the ideal candidate for AviClear?

Most people tired of the acne battle and looking for a change will qualify for AviClear! The only people AviClear is not recommended for are those who are pregnant, nursing, immunocompromised, or have dry skin. 

How long-lasting are the results?

Think of AviClear as the gift that keeps on giving. While individual results vary, many see long-term improvements because AviClear gets to the root of the cause.

Is there any aftercare necessary?

One of the beauties of AviClear is its simplicity. Post-treatment, you can pretty much carry on with your day. We’ll give you a few easy tips to follow, but there’s no heavy lifting required on your part.

How soon can results be expected?

Your acne might flare for a few days after a session, but patience is key. Still, you won’t need to be patient for long! You could start seeing clearer skies (or should we say skin?) in as little as a few weeks. Full results typically shine through after a few months, giving you plenty of reasons to smile.

What to Expect During an AviClear Session?

No anesthetic is required for this procedure; that’s how painless it is! You might feel a slightly uncomfortable sensation, but it’s very manageable. No downtime is needed.

AviClear: A Breakthrough in Acne Treatment

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AviClear isn’t just about exploring a new acne treatment; it’s about embracing a future where you and your skin’s story are rewritten with clarity and confidence. 

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